Mamazita is above all a family affair: a desire to reconnect with nature for the founder, graduate of the School of Fine Arts in plastic arts, Marion Carassou-Maillan. While she was expecting her second child, this young mother began to think about how her family could reduce their waste and consume in a more eco-responsible way. "Every day, I racked my brains to find new solutions .."

Brimming with energy, Marion then goes back to sewing she had abandoned twelve years earlier, and begins by making handkerchiefs for her family. Without knowing it yet, she has just given birth to the Mamazita project. Because, one thing leading to another, a concept takes shape. Marion realizes that recycling, especially fabric, offers endless possibilities. The Franco-Québécoise rushes headlong. After handkerchiefs, she made her first loose bags and founded Mamazita. Very quickly, the creations are available in several forms. Then come the grocery bags, then the bread bags, baguette bags ... Today, the Saint-Adèle garage has been transformed into a workshop where fabrics, machines and tools are stored. And where nothing is lost. "We even make the labels of all our products with fabric scraps," says the young entrepreneur.

In less than two years, Mamazita has already come a long way and developed a whole range of practical and aesthetic objects for a zero waste everyday life and to color the days: dishwashing wipes, cases for reusable straws, for toothbrushes, all in very colorful tones. "This project, I want it bright, sparkling, joyful", assures Marion, who works like craftsmen: by hand and in small quantities. "We create, we manufacture, we test, while continuing to become a little more anchored every day in our eco-responsibility".